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A Message from Dr. Campbell

To My Dear Patients,

It is with a great deal of sadness and a sense of regret that I inform you I am retiring and am no longer seeing patients at Raleigh OB/GYN.

This decision was the result of a very serious family accident and several personal medical issues. Part of my regret rests in the unplanned nature of these circumstances and my inability to prepare myself or inform you of a retirement planned for years hence.

It has been my privilege to practice medicine at Raleigh OB-GYN and to serve you over the past decades. I have no reservation in telling you that the current staff is the finest iteration of this practice since I joined in 1992. I trust you will continue to find excellent care with my five associates and wish you all the best that life has to offer.


Joseph D. Campbell, M.D.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Whether you were physically active prior to pregnancy, or if you are interested in a healthy lifestyle change while expecting, you may have questions in regards to safe exercise during pregnancy. Here at Raleigh Ob/GYN Centre, we actually encourage pregnant women to exercise if they were physically active before they got pregnant. By exercising throughout your pregnancy, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  •         Increased energy
  •         Improved mood
  •         Improved posture
  •         Less constipation, bloating, swelling, and backaches
  •         Increased strength, muscle tone, and endurance
  •         An easier labor

Safe Exercises for Pregnant Women

Before engaging in any type of exercises while pregnant, consult your doctor. They will likely clear you for exercise if you are healthy and exercised before you got pregnant. As your stomach gets bigger, you may have to modify your workouts.

If your doctor states that it’s okay for you to exercise, you should try these pregnancy safe activities:

  • Walking: Walking is a great low-impact workout that doesn’t put any strain on your joints or muscles.
  • Swimming: Since the water supports the weight of your growing baby, swimming is an excellent exercise. It’s also easy on the joints and muscles and ideal for pregnant women with back pain.
  • Strength Training: Strength training can give you the opportunity to strengthen your bones and build muscle. Be sure your weights aren’t too heavy if you choose to strength train.
  • Yoga and Pilates Classes: There are many yoga and Pilates classes that are designed specifically for pregnant women. They can help you relax and improve your flexibility.
  • Riding a Stationary Bike: Riding a stationary bike is safer than riding a regular one during pregnancy because you are less likely to fall off it.

Exercises Pregnant Women Should Avoid

There are certain exercises that should be avoided by pregnant women. These exercises can lead to serious complications:

  • Horseback riding, skiing, skating, or any other activity that involves bouncing movements that may cause you to fall.
  • Soccer, basketball, and other sports in which you may get hit in the stomach.
  • Sit-ups and exercises that force you to lie flat on your back and can lower blood pressure and limit blood flow to your baby.
  • Hot yoga or other activities that are usually performed in extremely hot temperatures.

When Pregnant Women Should Stop Exercising

As you are exercising while pregnant, be sure to drink plenty of water and pay attention to how your body feels. If you show any of these signs, stop exercising and visit your doctor:

  •         Headaches
  •         Dizziness
  •         Chest pain
  •         Vaginal bleeding
  •         Muscle weakness
  •         Regular, painful contractions

Contact Raleigh Ob/GYN Centre

If you have any questions regarding exercise during pregnancy, we encourage you to contact us today. We wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!