Frequently Asked Questions

Who will deliver my baby?

We have five delivering physicians at Raleigh OB/GYN. You should meet all of the physicians over the course of your prenatal care. On weekdays, there is always one of our physicians covering all deliveries at the hospital. We share call responsibilities with a great group of doctors at Blue Ridge OB/GYN. Overnight and on weekends, it is possible that one of the physicians from that group could be the delivering physician.

What do I do if I have a question about my pregnancy?

Most questions can be addressed at your routine prenatal visits.  Make sure you write them down so you remember to ask the provider.  If you have a question that you feel needs a quicker response, you can send a message through your patient portal, and someone will respond by the next business day.  You can also call and speak to one of our nurses during the day or make an appointment to be seen for a problem.

If you have an urgent problem after office hours, you may be seen at the OB emergency department at Rex Hospital.  If you feel you must speak to a physician before coming to the hospital, you can call our office number (919-876-8225) after hours and follow the prompts to leave a message for the on-call physician.  Please reserve the after-hours line for emergency situations.

When will I have ultrasounds, and how many will I have?

Most patients only require two to three ultrasound during a pregnancy. We perform ultrasound to confirm a normal pregnancy and due date typically around 8 weeks. If you choose to do a first trimester genetic screen, you will have an ultrasound at around 12 weeks. An anatomy ultrasound will be performed at 18-19 weeks. This may be done in our office or you may be referred to Maternal Fetal Medicine for a more specialized ultrasound, depending on a number of risk factors. Your provider will discuss with you if you need to be referred.

Do I need to take a childbirth class?

A childbirth class is not required. It can be helpful to know what to expect in labor, and Rex Hospital offers classes. A brochure will be provided in your information packet. If you are attempting to deliver without an epidural, it can be helpful to take classes that specialize in this.

Do I need to make a birth plan?

No.  We will review things like pain control throughout your pregnancy.  At Raleigh OB/GYN Centre, our goal is a safe delivery for you and your baby, with as little intervention as possible. If you would like to make a birth plan, we are happy to review this with you in your third trimester.

What options do I have for pain control in labor?

Many women opt for an epidural for pain control. This is available throughout labor, and can be placed by an anesthesiologist at Rex after a lab is sent to evaluate your platelet level. For women who choose not to get an epidural, or are early in labor and would like to wait to get an epidural, we can give pain medication through the IV, which can dull pain, but typically does not take it away like an epidural may. Rex Hospital also now offers nitrous oxide, which is an inhaled gas, to help with labor pain. Of course, any woman can choose not to have any medications for pain control in labor, and if this is your desire, it may be helpful to take a childbirth class with this focus or to work with a labor support person, like a doula.

Should I get a flu vaccine in pregnancy?

Yes!  Pregnant women can get very ill from the flu, and even require hospitalization.  The flu shot is safe in pregnancy, and is recommended for all pregnant women who are pregnant during flu season.

How do I get my test results?

Make sure have access to our Patient Web Portal. We post most of your lab results to your portal within a week of tests.  If you have any results that we need to discuss, one of our providers or clinical staff will call you, so make sure we always have good working phone numbers.

Which medications can I take during pregnancy?

You may find the Safe Meds list here.  Please call our triage nurse if you have additional questions.