Covid 19 Update

With continued consideration and guidance from the rest of the medical community, here are our current policies in relation to the COVID-19 situation, effective May 11th.

1- No one other than patients and staff will be permitted to enter the office. If you rely on another person for transportation, they may wait in their personal vehicle during the appointment.

2- We ask that you minimize waiting in public spaces.If you have a fever or respiratory symptoms, we ask that you call to reschedule your appointment.

3- We can help guide you to a place for viral testing if deemed necessary. At this time, we are not testing in our office.

4- We ask that all patients wear a mask or face covering when entering any of our locations and during appointments.

5- We are no longer restricting types of appointments, but are seeing a reduced number of patients in the office per day in an effort to maintain social distancing.

6- We are continuing to offer telehealth visits as an option for certain visit types. We have adopted a protocol for less frequent prenatal visits suggested by the World Health Organization. Please rest assured that we will not reschedule your visit if we feel like this is, in any way, unsafe for your or your baby.

Please understand that all of these restrictions are to limit exposures for both our patients and our staff. We do not take any of these decisions lightly and do it with the utmost concern for your health.

We will continue to make updates as we have them.