5 Best Things About Being Pregnant in the Winter

There is no such thing as the perfect time of year to have a baby. Each season comes with its own pros and cons to consider, however being pregnant in the winter can have its benefits.

  1. Temperature: Perhaps the most obvious benefit, when you’re pregnant in the winter you don’t have to worry about carrying around an extra 25 to 35 pounds in the sweltering heat and humidity. And thanks to the extra insulation and blood pumping through your body, you’re likely to stay warm throughout the season without having to bundle up in excessive layers.
  2. Clothes: Take a survey of pregnant women and we can be very few will say they look forward to sporting a bathing suit while pregnant, especially during that “is she or isn’t she?” phase of pregnancy. During the winter, you can cozy up in soft sweaters and cute scarves.
  3. Celebrate the season: Being pregnant in the winter adds an extra reason to celebrate and be thankful during the holiday season. Not to mention the endless ideas for holiday-themed pregnancy announcements, gender reveals and bump photos.
  4. Free pass: It can be hard to find room to breathe on your calendar from Halloween through New Year’s. But, when you’re pregnant you have the perfect reason to hit the pause button and relax without having to worry about the guilt trip. Plus, it gives you a free pass to wear comfortable, stretchy pants without judgment.
  5. Sleep: Thanks to daylight savings time, there’s barely time to eat dinner before the sun goes down. On the bright side, this means you can go to bed earlier. You need all the rest you can get during pregnancy, and what better time to hibernate than winter?

Don’t let this list fool you. While all of these perks are great, there are also some notable downsides to being pregnant in the winter. Some of your otherwise favorite holiday foods may now make you nauseous, you have to be extra careful walking around when there’s snow or ice, and don’t get us started on the heightened anxiety of being pregnant or giving birth during peak cold and flu season.

The bottom line is that growing a human being inside your body will impact your daily life. There is no right time to get pregnant, only the right time for you.

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