Struggling to Get Pregnant? You are Not Alone.

If you have been struggling to get pregnant, know that you are not alone. Believe it or not, one out of every eight couples in the United States have trouble conceiving. Infertility can be the result of both men and women and has a variety of causes. Read on to learn more about the causes … Continue reading Struggling to Get Pregnant? You are Not Alone.

NovaSure: Is It Right for You?

Heavy periods can take a serious toll on a woman’s life. Fortunately, there is a quick and effective solution to this issue. NovaSure endometrial ablation is a one-time procedure that’s designed to remove the uterine lining or endometrium, which is what causes heavy bleeding. This procedure can be completed in only five minutes and does … Continue reading NovaSure: Is It Right for You?

How to Treat Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Also known as menorrhagia, heavy menstrual bleeding is a common problem among women. In fact, about one third of women seek treatment for it. Heavy menstrual bleeding can interfere with a woman’s lifestyle and lead to pain and anemia, which occurs when the blood doesn’t have enough healthy blood cells. If you are living with … Continue reading How to Treat Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

Traveling while pregnant does not have to be stressful. Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, certain preparations can reduce discomforts while you are on the way to your destination. Here at Raleigh OB/GYN Centre, we recommend the following tips to help make traveling while pregnant a pleasant experience. Take Timing Into Consideration Since … Continue reading Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

Exercise During Pregnancy

Whether you were physically active prior to pregnancy, or if you are interested in a healthy lifestyle change while expecting, you may have questions in regards to safe exercise during pregnancy. Here at Raleigh Ob/GYN Centre, we actually encourage pregnant women to exercise if they were physically active before they got pregnant. By exercising throughout … Continue reading Exercise During Pregnancy